Lubsol Eye drop

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose eye drop 0.7%
  • Mode of action

    • Lubsol acts as Ophthalmic Demulcent.
    • Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose are all hydrophilic polymers that coat and protect the eye.
    • They are hydrogels that crosslink upon contact with the ocular surface to increase tear clearance times.

  • Indication

    • Lubsol is used as artificial tears to prevent damage to the cornea in patients with conjunctivitis
    • It is also used to moisten hard contact lenses and to lubricate artificial eyes.
    • Lubsol provides immediate relief of dry eye conditions (including dry eye conditions associated with the use of TVs, infrequent blinking,atmospheric pollution and drying atmosphereseg air-conditioning, central heating, wind and sun)

  • Dose

    Instill 1-2 drop thrice daily or directed by the Physiciann.