OPD-1 Eye Drops

0.1% (Olopatadine)
  • Mode of action

    OPD-1 eye drops contain 0.1% Olopatadine , which is an antihistamine that blocks the action of histamine, a chemical released from mast cells (cells involved in allergies), in response to an allergen like pollen during an allergic reaction.

    Olopatadine in OPD-1 eye drops binds to the H1 receptor on the conjunctival cells in the eye(mast and epithelial cells in the lining of the white of the eye) and blocks the histamine –mediated production of inflammatory chemicals from the conjunctiva that cause inflammation and swelling.

    Olopatadine in OPD-1 eye drops also acts on the mast cells to reduce the amount of histamine released.

  • Indication

    This dual action of OPD-1 eye drops reduces symptoms of seasonal allergic conjunctivitis like itchy red, swollen and watery eyes.

  • Dose

    Instill 1-2 drop thrice daily or directed by the Physician.